Our Sponsorship Program

The Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Sponsorship Program, sanctioned by the Department of Defense, is a positive partnership between the government and the private sectors. Our program is designed to meet your corporate marketing and sales goals while fulfilling our program needs. MCCS special events give sponsors many opportunities to select the best venues and promotional outlets to showcase your product.

There are two classifications of sponsorship - solicited and unsolicited. Solicited sponsorship is a competitive, formal solicitation by MCCS for a special event. Conversely, unsolicited sponsorship occurs when MCCS activities are approached with a proposal.

Sponsorship is a business arrangement with written agreements for a specific period of time. An important distinction is that gifts and donations, or corporate contributions, are not considered to be sponsorship.

We accept three types of sponsorship - cash, product support, and in-kind services are all acceptable for a sponsorship agreement.

  • Cash is always welcome, and for some premier events, a requirement.
  • Product support is just as important because it offsets MCCS's event cost and improves the event quality for participants. An example of sponsor product support is providing uniforms with your company's logo for a MCCS sports team.
  • In-kind services, including advertising and promotional support, are also accepted and can help offset expenses and increase publicity.

Sponsorship at MCCS events allows you to capture the military market, develop brand loyalty, increase sales, expand your patron base, and/or generate goodwill for your company. Your benefits can depend on your marketing focus.

Displays and merchandise trade tie-ins at the Marine Corps Exchange, the clubs, fitness centers, and other MCCS facilities are possible and strengthen your company's participation. Because of the Marine Corps consolidated organization, sponsorship can be cross-promoted across the Marine Corps.

As a Marine Corps MCCS sponsor, you have the flexibility to choose what fits your budget and meets your needs. Our event sponsors have rights, which correspond to the level of sponsorship. To find out more about the wide variety of events ranging from sports and concerts, to festivals, seasonal celebrations, and youth activities please contact the sponsorship coordinators at each of the Marine Corps bases listed in the contact list.