Policy, Guidance, Support and Procurements

The Semper Fit and Exchange Services Division Procurement Support Team (MRB) is responsible for Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) procurement issues within the Marine Corps.  We assist Department of Defense (DoD) and the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) to develop and implement NAF procurement policy.  Using DoD and SECNAV guidance, we create procurement policy for all Marine Corps NAFIs.  Procurement policy is issued via a Marine Corps order which covers all NAF procurements including resale merchandise, revenue-generating and support service contracts, and equipment and supply purchases.

In addition to the above, MRB is tasked with the following:

  • Responding to requests for deviation and waivers to NAF procurement policy,
  • Coordination with HQMC Contracts Division on joint appropriated fund and NAF procurement issues,
  • Cooperative procurement efforts with sister service exchange and MCCS activities,
  • Development of standard contract formats, provisions, and forms for Personal and Family Readiness Division and field use,
  • Field technical reviews and management assistance visits,
  • Procurement of system-wide support service requirements (banking, credit card processing, insurance, etc.); procurement of system-wide MIS requirements (retail POS, accounting, recreation, and library software, etc.) and procurement of Personal and Family Readiness Division requirements (consultant studies, training, printing, and operational supplies and equipment)
  • Implementation of mandatory minimum procurement training requirements and warrant certification program for all MCCS contracting officers and purchasing agents.
MCCS Contracting Office Contacts