MCCS Field Activity Procurements

MCCS contracting officers and purchasing agents are responsible for meeting the needs of their local exchange and MCCS operation. Installation level MCCS purchasing and contracting personnel must support the diverse requirements of each division within MCCS. Program managers for the different divisions identify the needs and forward these requirements to the Procurement office for action The Procurement office then competitively solicits and awards a purchase order or contract that will best meet the needs of the MCCS.

Types of procurement include, but are not limited to:

    display fixtures and furnishings, warehouse shelving systems and conveyors, forklifts, plastic merchandise bags, hangers, resale food direct delivery agreements, short term commodity sales (for trendy items or unique and homemade crafts), and delivery orders against sister service agreements. Retail Managers points of contact.

Services - all contractor operated personal service (barber shop, beauty shop, flower shop, laundry/dry cleaning, etc.) concession contracts, vending contracts (including vending machines and products for direct vending operations), participation in NEXCOM or AAFES contracts, etc. Click here to find out more about Services programs and points of contact.

Food & Hospitality - all food, supplies, furnishings and equipment for base club and restaurant operations, fast food contracts (either awarded locally or as a participant in a Personal and Family Readiness Division or sister service contract), temporary lodging facility requirements and entertainment. Click here to find out more about Food & Hospitality programs and points of contact.

Recreation - gymnasium and fitness equipment and supplies, sports officials and instructors, hobby and craft items, consignment ticket and tour operations, recreation equipment rental, golf course maintenance, golf carts, boats, etc. Click here to find out more about Recreation programs and points of contact.

Marketing - numerous printing and promotional item purchases, assistance with commercial sponsorship and special events (i.e., booking of air show, and rodeo acts, food concessions, etc.)

Maintenance - vehicles, shop equipment, groundskeeping and janitorial service requirements, and tradesman (i.e., plumbers, electricians, and refrigeration mechanics) when base personnel cannot respond in a timely manner.

Administrative - all office and general supply type items (either procured locally or off of GSA or AFNAFPO contracts), printing of local forms, PC hardware and software, etc.

AFNAFPO Commander’s Smart Buy Program - In coordination with the Air Force NAF Procurement Office (AFNAFPO), MCCS activities obtain many of its bulk requirements via the Commander’s Smart Buy Program.

Design/Build Construction Program - The U.S. Army Community and Family Support Center (CFSC) provides design/build construction support to the MCCS activities.

Public/Private Venture Contracts - Public/Private Ventures (PPVs) provide a funding alternative for MWR facilities and services. MCCS PPVs are programs in which the private sector finances, designs, builds, and/or operates a facility and/or provides a product or service to the MCCS customer under a long term lease/contract. A MCCS PPV is best defined as one in which a private sector vendor is allowed to build and operate a new facility or renovate and operate an existing one. A few types of the facilities are golf courses, family entertainment centers, and hotels.