Support Services

MCCS activities provide personal, vending, and other services to patrons. These activities may be operated direct using strictly MCCS resources, or indirect through franchises or concessionaires. Headquarters contracts some of the services on a system wide or regional basis while individual MCCS activities contract others. A few operations are even contracted under joint ventures with sister services (i.e., Navy, Air Force, and Army). Refer to the contact list for specific opportunities.

Services Operations

The Marine Corps operates or contracts for a minimum of 45 different and unique small businesses to help meet our goal. We have 70 barbershops, 8 beauty shops, 12 tailor shops, 11 optical shops, and 26 video rental locations. There are almost 6,000 vending machines dispensing quality name brand products on Marine Corps installations.

Recreational Business

Recreational businesses provides our patrons with a wide choice of activities. Each Marine Corps Base operates a variety of recreation businesses such as; Information Ticket and Tours (ITT), Golf, Stables, Marinas, Bowling Centers, Auto Hobby Shops, and Movie theaters. Sales from these activities totaled $25M for 1999.

Food Service

The Marine Corps currently has 68 clubs offering food, beverage, entertainment, and catering services to authorized patrons. We have 105 other food activities such as; snackbars, restaurants, conference-centers, and mobile trucks.
In addition, there are 52 branch name activities such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Subway which are operated by contracted third parties paying a percentage of sales to the local MCCS. Sales from these activities totaled $111.9M for 1999.


Economy style lodging accommodations are offered at 14 Temporary Lodging Facilities to transient personnel, military members and DoD personnel on temporary duty, and military personnel, their families, and guests who are in a non-duty status. Sales from these activities totaled $11M for 1999.

Personal Telecommunications Services

Personal telecommunications services provide telephone services to more than 23,000 barracks rooms. There are also over 2,334 pay telephones and 19 long distance calling centers providing alternative-calling options for those Marines who choose not to have phone service.

Current Services

Current services include, but are not limited to, the following operations:

Personalized Services
Auto Repair Centers/Quick Lube Centers
Barber Shops/Beauty Shops
Cruisebook, Yearbooks, Annuals, and other Pictorials
Flower Shops & Flower by Wire
Imprinting, Embroidering, and Engraving
Key Duplicating
Laundry /Dry Cleaners
Money Wire/Transfer
Optical Shops
Packing, Wrapping & Shipping Services
Photo Studios
Picture Framing Service
Shoe Repair/Shine
Small Electronics Repair
Tailor Shop
Taxi Service
Amusement Machines
Car Washes
Product Vending
Video Rental
Car Rental
Carpet Cleaning Machine Rental
Equipment Rentals
Truck, Trailer Rental
Information, Travel, Tours
Leisure Travel Services
Hobbies and Crafts
Arts & Crafts
Auto Hobby Shops
Recreational Activities
Bowling Centers
Golf Courses
Scuba Diving
Long Distance Services
Pay Telephones