General Information



The Benefit Plan limits for 2018 have been published and are provided for your information.

Annual limit for 401(k) Plan Deferrals $18,500.00
Annual limit for 401(k) Catch Up contributions $6,000.00
Definition of "Highly" Compensated $128,700.00
Social Security Wage Base $127,000.00
Social Security Tax 6.2%
NAF Retiree COLA 2.3%

Medicare tax remains at 1.45% (2.35% for higher income individuals. ($200,000 for single tax filers and $250,000 for couples filing jointly ($125,000 married filing separately)).

Dependent Care (for FSA) annual max deferral remains at $5,000.00

Health Care (for FSA) annual max dererral increases to $2,650.00

* There is no discrimination testing for 401(k) Plans, but discrimination testing is applicable for FSA Dependent Care and Health Care.

2018 Annual 415(c) limit for defined contribution plan is $55,000.00