Swimming Pools

Marines, sailors and soldiers with Regimental Combat Team 1 enjoyed their Independence Day in and out of the swimming pool at the Rest and Relaxation Center at Camp Fallujah Sunday. (USMC photo by Sgt. Jose E. Guillen)
An alarming 250 children under the age of five-years-old drown annually in swimming pools, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Web site at: When included in unintentional injuries, drowning has been the second leading cause of death in children under the age of five. In 2002, an estimated 1,600 children were hospitalized for submersion injuries caused in residential swimming pools. (Photo by: Lance Cpl. Matthew K. Hacker)



Installation Facility Type Bldg Phone Indoor/ Swim Website
Outdoor Lessons
Albany  Base Training Tank 7380 (229)639-5195 Outdoor Yes  
Barstow  Base Gym 44 (760)577-6543 Outdoor Yes  
Oasis Club (SNCO/Ofcr) 38 (760)577-6543 Outdoor No  
Butler, Okinawa  Kinser Family 1305 637-1592 Outdoor Yes Website
Futenma 25M Fam/Trng 450 636-3518 Outdoor Yes  
Foster 25M Trng 546 645-7554 Outdoor Yes  
Foster 50M Family 5910 645-2211 Outdoor Yes  
Plaza Family 4189 645-2970 Outdoor Yes  
McTureous Family/School 5010A 622-7397 Outdoor Yes  
Courtney Family/Trng 4227 622-9662 Outdoor Yes  
Hansen 50M Fam 2457 623-4708 Outdoor Yes  
Hansen 25M Training 2431 623-4944 Outdoor No  
Schwab 50M Fam/Trng 3663A 625-2023 Outdoor Yes  
Cherry Point  Combat Pool Rec 289 (252)466-2209 Indoor Yes Website
Cedar Creek Family 3552 (252)466-2277 Outdoor No  
Hancock Family 3258 (252)466-2168 Outdoor Yes  
K-Bay, Hawaii  Base 50M Pool 274 (808)254-7655 Outdoor Yes Website
Hilltop 25M Pool 502 (808)254-7655 Outdoor Yes  
Camp Smith Fitness 25M Pool 125 (808)477-0498 Outdoor No  
Manana Recreational Pool 840 (808)477-0498 Outdoor Yes  
Henderson Hall  Zembiec Pool 11 (703)693-7351 Indoor/Outdoor No Website
Iwakuni  Ironworks 50M Fam/Trng 1010 253-5520 Indoor Yes Website
Waterworks All Ranks M3-25 253-5211 Outdoor Yes  
Club Iwakuni All Ranks 600 253-6281 Outdoor No  
Camp Lejeune  Area 2 Family/Trng 236 (910)451-2024 Indoor Yes Website
Camp Johnson Family M139 (910)450-0768 Indoor Yes  
Tarawa Terrace Family TT44 (910)450-1610 Outdoor Yes  
Courthouse Bay   (910)440-6006 Indoor No  
Miramar  50 M Family/Trng 2000 (858)577-4137 Outdoor Yes Website
O'Club 2251 (858)577-4154 Outdoor Yes  
New River  Indoor Training Pool AS-4400 (910)449-4307 Indoor Yes Website 
Family Pool AS-709 (910)382-5319 Outdoor Yes  
Camp Pendleton  13 Area Pool 1313 (760)725-4344 Outdoor Yes Website
14 Area Lap Swim/Trng 14116 (760)725-5084 Outdoor Yes  
Quantico  Base 50M Family 2078 (703)784-2973 Outdoor Yes Website
29 Palms  SNCO/O'Club 1576 (760)830-7250 Outdoor No Website
Family 697 (760)830-6727 Outdoor Yes  
Training 1508 (760)830-6212 Outdoor Yes  
Yuma  Oasis Pool 685 (928)269-2926 Outdoor Yes Website
South Carolina Parris Island Pool 165/166 (843)228-1506/1581 Outdoor Yes  
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