Recreational Shooting

Major General Robert C. Dickerson, Commanding General, Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, participated in the Sanders Ford Claybusters Fun Shoot skeet-shooting tournament, at the base’s McItyre Skeet Range, Aug. 20. Photo by: Lance Cpl. Drew W. Barker

Shooting sports rank high as popular pastimes.  More Americans hunt with firearms, enjoy muzzle loading, or participate in various other target shooting activities than play soccer, softball, or tennis combined.  According to the National Sporting Goods Association, some 42 million individual Americans enjoyed some form of shooting sports over the past year.  The Recreational Shooting program includes skeet, trap, pistol or rifle shooting at 9 installations.  Not only are these sports popular, they are increasing in participation each year.


Facility Name






Pistol/ Rifle

MCCS Website

Albany  BOSMA Skeet Range Bldg 11220 229-639-5246 Yes   Yes Yes Website
Camp Allen  Indoor Firing Range MCA604 757-489-2585       Yes Website
Hawaii  Archery Range Bldg 6800       Yes    
Camp Lejeune  McIntyre-Parks Recreational Shooting Complex Bldg R-100 910-451-3889 Yes Yes Yes Yes Website
South Carolina Recreational Firing   843-228-2331       Yes Website
Camp Pendleton  Skeet & Trap Bldg 25167 760-725-4832 Yes Yes No Yes/No Website