Skate Parks

Willy Santos, 26, nails a lip trick during an exhibition April 14 at the Fliptricks Skatepark on Camp Kinser. Santos, a San Diego, Calif., native, was the headliner for the exhibition. Santos was contacted to do a tour of MCB Japan through a customer at his skate shop. Photo by: Lance Cpl. John F. Silwanus

Skate parks are designed to provide a location to keep in-line skaters and skateboarders from aggravating pedestrians on sidewalks and being a danger to motorists.  Skateboarding has been around from the 1960's as it evolved from the surf culture of California as a way to ride a board when the waves were flat.  Unlike surfing, skateboarding does not require an ocean and can be enjoyed nationwide.  Inline skating has grown rapidly since the 1980's and has a market of more than 30 million people.  To accommodate the skaters, skate parks are located at six Marine Corps installations with 5 having facilities for both in-line skaters and skateboarders.

Roller / In-Line
Installation Facility Type Facility name Bldg Phone MCCS Website
Butler, Okinawa        

12 Ramps The Skater's Way Courtney Housing area 622-9221 Website
Foster Pipes, 2 Ramps Rampage Park Bldg 1618 645-3985 Website
Schwab 4 Ramps Schwab Sessions Bldg 3444 625-2618/2442 Website
Kinser Ramps, Half Pipes Trickflips Bldg 1215B 637-1114 Website
Hansen Ramps, Rails, Qtr Pipe, Fun Boxes Truckstop Bldg 2454 623-4831/4919 Website
Cherry Point In-Line Skate Rink Hockey Rink Bldg 3189 252-466-2390  
Iwakuni Outdoor Skate Xtreme Worx
Kaneohe Bay
Concrete Rails, Pyramids, Ramps Skateboard Park Riseley Field Park Complex 808-254-7610 Website
Manana Housing
Rails, Pyramids, Ramps YA Skate Park Sports Field/Park Area 808-254-7610  
New River In-Line Skate Rink New River Skate Park AS-612 910-449-6714 Website
Yuma In-Line Hockey/Free Skate     928-269-2727