Fleet and Marine Corps Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Fleet and Marine Corps HRA*
Purpose: To assess the lifestyle risk behaviors of individuals as part of the annual Periodic Health Assessment, worksite wellness program, or other community health activities. This is a health and wellness assessment rather than a disease screening tool.
Use of this tool was designed for active and reserve components of the Navy and Marine Corps but is also suitable for other relatively healthy adult groups.
The Fleet and Marine Corps HRA is a web-based, anonymous assessment that produces both individualized Participant Reports as well as Commanding Officer Reports. Once the command designates an HRA Administrator, that person should review the instructions on the HRA Administrator links below in order to begin a command assessment program.


*The Fleet and Marine Corps HRA (Revised Jul 09) replaces all older versions of this tool.


Do you know how fit and healthy your Marines are?  Personal fitness and health affects not only the Marine but the overall physical readiness of a unit.  The Fleet and Marine Corps Health Risk Appraisal can help assess the health and fitness-related behaviors of each Marine in your unit, and the unit overall.

Individual Health Risk Assessment

Find out just how personally fit and healthy you are!    The Fleet and Marine Corps HRA is a web-based, anonymous assessment that produces individualized Participant Reports.   It takes approximately two to three minutes to complete the HRA  After answering  the questions on this short survey, you will receive a customized report. 

  • To take the HRA, click HERE.
  • You must enter your UIC (include the "M" before the number) in order to log in.  If you do not know your UIC and MCC, please contact the HRA Administrator.
  • Once you have completed the HRA, you will be able to print out your report.  Please remember, since this is an anonymous tool, once you have logged out, you will not be able to print out another copy of your results.

Unit Health Risk Assessments

The Fleet and Marine Corps HRA not only produces individualized Participant Reports but Commanders' Group Reports.   Your Marines will need computer access in order to complete the the HRA.  Once your unit is done,  we will be able to provide you and your Commanding Officer with a group report.  Contact the HRA Administrator with your Unit name and UIC in order to obtain a report. 


Click on the link below to download directions for implementing the HRA:  

HRA Instructions for Unit Training Officer

Guidance for completing the HRA