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Health Promotion is a combination of art and science that helps people discover, achieve, and maintain an optimum state of wellness. Unhealthy lifestyles are the major cause of illness and death in our country, an enormous burden to society, and can create a negative impact on our military’s readiness. By providing programs that help to both recognize and prevent chronic illness in addition to providing avenues to change unhealthy behaviors, our Health Promotion staff can make a positive impact on the health and lives of those we serve.

Using the Department of Health & Human Services’ “Healthy People 2020” initiative, Semper Fit Health Promotion programs focus on seven subject areas. They are Physical Activity, Tobacco Use Prevention & Cessation, Weight Management, Nutrition, Sexual Health & Responsibility, Injury Prevention, and Chronic Disease Prevention. 

Since all aspects of health and lifestyle behaviors are interrelated, Semper Fit Health Promotion programs continue to provide support, awareness and educational campaigns in other related areas of health. Awareness and educational campaigns in relation to topics such as alcohol and drug use, suicide prevention, and mental health/stress management are also provided.

This site is meant to serve as a resource by providing links to credible health related information from governmental, educational and non-profit organizations. Several sites have handouts or brochures available for you to print. Additional information and programs are available through your Semper Fit Health Promotion office. This site is not meant to take the place of interaction with your physician or healthcare professional. If you have medical related concerns or questions, please contact your doctor.


The Semper Fit Fitness Program is designed to promote optimum mental and physical health through physical fitness. Semper Fit oversees a network of 54 state-of-the-art fitness centers and 18 satellites, & mobile fitness units. Personal trainers are available to assess your level of fitness and design a fitness program personalized to meet your needs. Group exercise programs such as pilates, yoga, spin classes, zumba & walking clubs are also available.

At Semper Fit, our active duty Marines are our priority. To that end, the Combat Fitness Training Course was developed to train Marines on the how to correctly and safely train for the Combat Fitness Test. The fitness professionals at our Semper Fit centers are available to provide expert guidance & assistance with fitness & health assessments, exercise orientation, individual and unit instruction, and Unit Fitness Leader training.

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