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The Leisure Travel and ITT program helps authorized patrons obtain information on travel, arrange tours, make reservations, and provide reduced-price ticketing and leisure travel services. The ITT program provides customer-driven travel venues and services, and entertainment activities. Information about local, regional and national attractions and events is available. ITT provides discount tickets to your favorite places, including Disney-themed parks and other theme parks, local event venues, and attractions. Group tours to popular events and attractions such as NASCAR races and major league baseball games are arranged. Leisure Travel offices provide airline reservations, car rentals/hotels, and discount travel packages. Vacation packages and cruises are created to appeal to all travelers.



  • Discounted tickets
  • Discounted travel
  • Discounted tours
  • Information on tickets, travel, attractions, and events
  • Resources and services are available to Marines and families.

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Phone: 703-432-8850

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