Unit, Personal and Family Readiness

The Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) is a unit centric program, guided by a Command Team that reinforces the relationship between the unit and the services relevant to the unit, the unit members, and their families.  The primary goal of UPFRP is to empower Marines and family members, providing them the opportunities to not just survive but to thrive while taking on the challenges of the military lifestyle.  The Family Readiness Officer (FRO) is responsible for implementing the Commander’s family readiness vision, managing the UPFRP, and providing the necessary support to the unit Marines, Sailors and families to maintain a constant state of family readiness.



  • Marines, spouses, extended family members, and any other contacts authorized by the Marines are supported by the FRO. The FRO assists unit members with navigating, training opportunities, community outreach events, and military lifestyle challenges.
  • Regular communication with the Marines and families is the cornerstone of UPFRP.   The FRO provides the link for two-way communication between the Commander and the families, using a variety of mediums, such as Marine Online, email, newsletters, toll-free numbers, and/or social media sites.  Marine Online is the primary web-based tool for disseminating unit information.
  • Information and referral assistance addresses issues with the potential to impact the Marines, families, and the unit.  The FRO is a resource and referral expert, continuously researching and identifying resources and services to meet every need.
  • Readiness and deployment support allows the Command to ensure operational readiness. The FRO organizes a multitude of training opportunities to assist Marines and their family members with deployments, separations, and life skills.   From pre-deployment briefs, to interpersonal communication, to transition assistance, each is designed to empower the participants with skill development and independence.
  • The UPFRP provides opportunities for volunteer growth and development.  High volunteer involvement creates stronger unit cohesion.   UPFRP volunteers assist with mentoring others spouses/family members, identify challenges to be addressed by the Command, and assist with unit events.   UPFRP volunteers have the potential to grow and develop new skill sets through their volunteer services.
  • Increase socialization through unit sponsored events and unit, installation and community connection.

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Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Programs (UPFRP) are guided by the unit’s Command Team, consisting of the Commanding Officer and/or the Commanding General, the Executive Officer and/or the Chief of Staff, the Sergeant Major and/or Senior Enlisted Advisor, the Chaplain, the Family Readiness Officer (FRO), the Single Marine Representative, and a Family Readiness Advisor(s).   Every unit has a FRO, either a full-time civilian or a unit Marine.

The local Marine Corps Family Team Building office provides standardized training to all Command Team members and the UPFRP volunteers to ensure consistency and continuity across all Marine Corps UPFRPs.  Marines and Sailors are required to check-in with the FRO when they arrive at a new unit.  Once a new unit member has provided accurate contact information and authorization to communicate, the family members will begin receiving communication from the FRO.  Family members are encouraged to meet the FRO to learn more about the unit and the services available.


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