Marine Corps Sports Hall of Fame

Carmen Basilio
Carmen Basilio
Class of 2002
Boxing - Welterweight

Carmen Basilio. . .Turned Professional in 1948. . .Won the New York State welterweight championship in 1953. . .Won the world welterweight championship in 1955. . .Moved up to middleweight and won the world championship with a 15 round decision over Sugar Ray Robinson. . .Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990. . .Born April 2, 1927 in Canastota, NY ...

Career 56 16 7 27

Carmen Basilio was born April 2,1927 in Canastota, New York. He served in the Marine Corps from 1945 to 1947. He won 11 of 14 amateur bouts in 1947 and became a professional boxer in 1948. His professional career began with three consecutive knockouts

Carmen BasilioHe won the New York State welterweight championship with a 12-round decision over Billy Graham on June 6, 1953. Basilio successfully defended the title in a 12-round draw with Graham on July 25.

In September of that year Basilio entered the ring for the world championship title. He lost to Kid Gavilan in a 15 round decision. He earned the world championship with a 12 round knockout against Tony DeMarco on June 10, 1955. In the spring of 1956 Johnny Saxton took the world title from Basilio in a 15 round decision. Carmen BasilioExhibiting his tenacity and strength, Basilio regained the title with a knockout from Saxton in the 9th round. Basilio then moved up in weight to win the middleweight championship with a 15-round decision over Sugar Ray Robinson on September 23. Robinson won a 15-round decision in their rematch on March 25, 1958.

Record: professional bouts: 79, wins: 56, Knock outs 27; loss: 16, Draws: 7.