College is Expensive! Tips for Marines to Finance Their Education

As a Marine, you may not need to rely on a student loan to pay for your education. With access to Tuition Assistance, scholarships, grants, and your GI Bill education benefit you have many options.

How a Letter of Recommendation Can Get a Marine Into College

Marines, if you're wondering if you need to include a Letter of Recomendation with your college application, the answer is yes.

Maintain Your Skills Through Volunteering!

Did you know that volunteering is the perfect opportunity to develop new skills or maintain your current skill set? USMC Volunteers is always looking for new people to to assist with local projects.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine: Career Resources for Veterans

“Once a Marine, Always a Marine” has always been a key part of the Marine Corps ethos and it is reflected in the professional development opportunities offered before and after separation.

LinkedIn Courses Launch Marine Corps-wide!

Know you need to create or update your LinkedIn profile but not quite sure how? Check out two new courses for Marines, family members, and Veterans.

Marines, Don't Make These Common Resume Mistakes

Your resume is often the first impression you will make on an organization. It’s important to communicate your experience as quickly and clearly as possible.

The Trick to Negotiating A Civilian Salary

Find out how to negotiate a civilian salary when your previous one was based on the military pay system.

After the Interview...What Next?

Every interview is an opportunity to improve your interviewing skills. Ask yourself these key questions after every interview to gain insights into your interview techniques.

Get the Most of Your GI Bill Education Benefit

With all the advice on the web and through school admission officials on maximizing GI Bill Education Benefits, it may be difficult to decipher what advice is worth taking. Here are our top tips.

Coming Soon to a Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) Near You...the New eForm!

Do you dread filling out transition paperwork and chasing down signatures? Well, all that will change on 1 October 2016 when DoDTAP rolls out its new eForm.

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