5 Tips to Addiction Recovery During the Holidays

For Marines who are fighting problems with alcohol or drug misuse, and for those seeking to protect what they’ve earned, the holidays can be challenging.

Just Say No: How to Stay Stress Free This Holiday Season

Feeling stressed this holiday season? Here are some quick tips to alleviate the pressure.

Food for Thought: What to Know About Cooking with Alcohol

Did you know that alcohol might not completely "burn off" during cooking? Follow our guidelines for cooking with alcohol to ensure your next meal is suitable for everyone.

Mid-Deployment Self Care - Taking Time for YOU

The Homefront can become overwhelming and stressful while your Marine is deployed. It’s okay to give yourself permission to take care of “you” in order to better take care of others.

Supporting a Peer After Sexual Assault

Your friend calls and tells you the unthinkable. He/she has been sexually assaulted. Consider these "Dos" and "Don'ts" when offering support to a victim.

Why Quit Tobacco During the Great American Smoke Out?

On 17 November 2016 the Great American Smoke Out challenges you to quit tobacco for a day. Find a Great American Smoke Out event near you!

Could You Quit Tobacco for 24 Hours?

Could you quit tobacco for 24 hours? That’s all it takes to start feeling the benefits of being tobacco free.

How the Election Can Teach You to Manage Stress

If your response to what you see on TV leads to an argument with friends and loved ones with conflicting opinions, here are some useful tips.

Ready and Resilient in the Rack!

Today more than ever, Marines need to be resilient as we take on new responsibilities, learn new skills, and do more with less.

Marine Corps Installations Awarded for their Anti-Drug Programs

Two Marine Corps installations were recognized for the excellence of their drug awareness and educations programs this week at the Community Drug Awareness Awards ceremony.

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