Volunteering - A Body, Mind, and Spirit Building Activity

Volunteers play a major role in the daily life of the Marine Corps community. Volunteering offers vital help to people, worthwhile causes, and the community, but the benefits can be even greater for you, the volunteer.

Ten Tips to Stay Fit and Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holidays

You've worked so hard this year to get healthy and lose or maintain your weight so let's keep it up this holiday season.

Using the Marine for Life Network for Transition Success: Testimonial

Read about retired First Sergeant Colin Boyd’s successful retirement from the Marine Corps through the Marine for Life Network!

Tis the Season to Advance Your Professional Network

Holiday gatherings with family and friends over the holidays create an excellent opportunity to build your career networking. Here are a few tips to consider, to help maximize your networking efforts while you're out socializing during the holiday season.

Keep Your Cool Through the Holidays

Between travel, food, coordination, missing work, and the regularly, unregular schedule of Marine Corps life, family gatherings during the holidays can be stressful.

Ho, Ho, Huh? - Manage Holiday Spending

This year consider some simple tips to help you manage holiday spending and avoid New Year surprises.

TSA and the Holidays

If you’re traveling for the holidays, you don’t want to miss these tips to get through your packing and those airport lines intact!

Why Quit Tobacco During the Great American Smoke Out?

On 21 November 2019, the Great American Smoke Out challenges you to quit tobacco for a day! Can you do it? See your local Semper Fit Health Promotions Program for this year's incentives!

Holiday Survival Checklist

Holiday season is underway! Here are some tips to help you kick start the holidays on the right foot!

Everything You Need to Know About Operation Tobacco-Free Marine

The Operation Tobacco-Free Marine Tobacco Cessation Program was developed to provide the Marine Corps community with the first of its kind, evidence-based tools to help tobacco users quit successfully.

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