Tough Conversations: How to Talk About Suicide

Suicide is a complex issue. Knowing where to start the conversation can be hard and can seem like a daunting task. However, having tough conversations can save someone’s life.

Supporting a Friend after Sexual Assault

You may have a friend, loved one, or family member who was sexually assaulted. They may be struggling to get through this tragic event and reach out to you for help. Consider these "Do’s" and "Don'ts" when offering support.

M4L Network Success Story: M4L Rep assisted one of his former Marines in getting a California National Guard Recruiter Billet

Minneapolis M4L Rep assisted one of his former Marines in getting a California National Guard Recruiter Billet after several unsuccessful attempts to do so.

President's 2020 Tax Deferral – Update

For those opting into the White House’s employee-side payroll tax deferral, the repayment deadline has been extended from April 2021 to December 31, 2021, lengthening the repayment period for those taxpayers.

M4L Network Success Story: M4L Rep Coaches Veteran Marine on Deciding Between Two Job Offers

How do you choose between two job offers? M4L Network Rep Major Steph Drake coaches a Veteran Marine on how to decide between two job offers and compensation negotiations.

M4L Network Success Story: San Antonio Marine Secures CyberSecurity Position

San Antonio Marine for Life Network (M4L) Representatives, Major John Hodges and Major Matt Wood helped a former Active-Duty Marine Captain in transitioning to the cybersecurity industry in San Antonio, Texas.

Don't let Covid-19 Deprive You of Important Social Connections

Does it seem like 2020 has put the kibosh on your day-to-day socializing activities, like visiting friends and family, public outings, or even that trip to your favorite coffee shop?

Understanding Declining TSP Values

Worried about the current economic environment and the impact to your TSP account value? Here are four points that might help you weather the storm.

Beef Up Your Resume with the Marine Corps SkillBridge Program

Do you know about the SkillBridge program? It connects Marines with training, apprenticeship, and internship opportunities to get ready for civilian employment! Learn more about how to participate.  

Is Remote Work an Option for Me?

Moving and uprooting your employment each time is difficult. If you’re wondering whether remote work is a solution, keep reading!

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