Respect can mean different things to different people in any situation. Coach Nick Gounaris, the Combat Fitness Training Specialist for Headquarters Semper Fit and Recreation, talks about his perspective on respect as a strength and conditioning coach.

“As a strength and conditioning coach, I believe that respect is one of the most important parts of performance. For me, that concept has a lot of different forms.

  • It can be respect for the athletes I am coaching - who they are, where they’ve been, how they’re feeling on a given day, what they’re training to accomplish.
  • It can be the athletes respect for himself or herself - allowing yourself to have a bad day in the gym, pushing yourself to get better, having the mental toughness to make the right decisions about nutrition, recovery, and sleep.
  • It can also be respect for the process - understanding that fitness is a continuing journey and there are going to be ups and downs, knowing that the athlete and I are a team in this journey and we have to work together.

Improving performance is about more than stats, figures, plans, times, and weights. I truly believe that when the athlete and I, as the coach, get to the point where we both have a healthy respect for all these factors, only then can we truly achieve our performance goals.”

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