Families take many forms and can be organized in different ways. No matter the make-up of your family, take time to focus on creating strong family bonds. It can help your family to thrive. Try one or more of these tips to create strong family bonds that lead to a resilient family.  Cook and eat together as often as possible. When you cook and share a meal, it encourages cooperation, promotes healthier eating and engages families in conversation.

  • Gather together for a weekly family activity night. Make time each week to share enjoyable activities together. Shared time strengthens connections with one another and creates lasting shared memories.
  • Hold regular family meetings. Family meetings allows all family members to understand that their voice and perspective matters to the family and that they contribute to important discussions and decisions. 
  • Take time to review your family history through scrapbooks and photo albums. When you look at scrapbooks and photo albums, it creates a sense of connection and history to both immediate and extended family members
  • Volunteer together in your community. Volunteer activities connects your family to the community in which you live, work, and play. 

The Child and Youth, Exceptional Family Member, and School Liaison programs are available to partner with your family on your resilience journey. The mission of these programs is to care for, strengthen, and inform all families.