Veterans Day is an official United States public holiday observed annually on November 11th. Marine Corps Veterans are a vital link to the history and tradition of the Corps.

Each year, Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) and Semper Fit coordinate a number of opportunities for Marines and their families across installations to engage local Marine Corps Veterans in activities, such as:

  • Volunteering at Assisted Living facilities or Retirement homes.
  • Laying flags at the National cemeteries.
  • Socializing with veterans over a game of golf or other outdoor activities.
  • Visiting veterans at Veteran hospitals.
  • Volunteering with organizations who sponsor lunches or dinners for veterans.

You may also honor veterans individually by:

  • Taking them for a cup of coffee. On November 9 and 10, all MCX locations that sell coffee will be offering free cups of coffee to Marines and Marine Veterans.
  • Involving your kids in creating “Thank-you” cards and delivering them hospitals or facilities
  • Delivering baked goods with a simple “Thank-you” note.

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, please reach out to your local MCFTB, Volunteer Coordinator or Semper Fit Single Marine Program Coordinator for more information.