Everyone is busy balancing work and home life along with other challenges. It’s important to make time to build and maintain connections with friends, family, Marines, co-workers, and your community.

What can you do?

Connect with self.

Many of us tend to put others before ourselves and ignore our own needs. Be there for others while also taking care of yourself. To practice good self-care:

  • Participate in spiritual or community activities and groups.
  • Make time to exercise or meditate.
  • Make healthy food choices; stay hydrated.
  • Prioritize your health by scheduling checkups with your primary care physician and your dentist. Make appointments for health screenings.
  • Set challenging personal and professional goals and start working to achieve them.
  • Seek support from peers, family, or health professionals.
  • Limit your time on social media.

Connect with others.

  • Show your support and be there for your community by strengthening connections.
  • Spend time with friends and family members. Keep them in the loop on your life and let them know you are there for them.
  • Volunteer for causes or groups.
  • Listen when others in your life want to talk.

Connect to help.

Take steps every day to make your connections count. If you are concerned about someone you know and need resource information, contact:


As part of the year-round commitment to preventing suicide among Marines, their families, and the civilian workforce, the Marine Corps promotes the Department of Defense Suicide Prevention Office’s yearlong prevention theme of “Connectedness” and the slogan, “Connect to Protect: Support Is Within Reach.” Both highlight the important role that connections to fellow Marines, leaders, family, friends, the community, and resources have in preventing suicide.

To find out the point of contact for your installation’s annual suicide prevention activities, email hqmcspc@usmc.mil.