“Change is the only constant in life.”
- Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Circumstances and situations for Exceptional Family Member Program (EMFP) families may change throughout their lifetime. What happens when it’s time to end enrollment in EFMP. While EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program, EFMP processes hundreds of disenrollment requests each year for families who have had a change in their situation. Following are the steps for ending enrollment in EFMP. 

Reason to end enrollment in EFMP:  

  1. Your dependent no longer meets the medical and/or educational criteria for enrollment. Has your dependent’s qualifying condition(s) resolved? When this occurs, sponsors must provide an updated DD2792 completed by a primary care manager and DD2792-1 (if your child no longer has an IFSP or IEP) to HQMC EFMP. One of our nurses will review the documentation to determine if your family member meets the criteria for a disenrollment per DoDI 1315.19.

    Note: Every time initial or updated enrollment package is received, the nurse determines eligibility.  You do not have to explicitly request disenrollment in order to be disenrolled.
  2. Your dependent’s status has changed. In specific instances such as the loss of dependent benefits due to divorce or when a child ages-out (age 21 or 23, if full time student), the Marine should notify the Installation Personnel Administrative Center (IPAC) and submit a dependency status update to the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS). Additionally, the Marine should notify the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) office. The Marine’s final step is to contact their local EFMP Installation or the HQMC EFMP office to request disenrollment. 

    EFMP forms are not required end enrollment in EFMP due to a change in dependent status.
  3. Your Sponsor status has changed. HQMC EFMP staff regularly review conducts enrolled family cases to end enrollment for Marines that have retired, reached expiration of active service (EAS), or are deceased.  

In FY2021 Headquarters EFMP discontinued enrollment for 1,973 family members. For more information or to speak to someone about ending your enrollment as an EMFP family, contact your installation’s EFMP.