Marine Corps installations around the globe are uniting to promote suicide prevention and mental health awareness as year-round initiatives. We know suicide prevention starts with promoting healthy behaviors and seeking help when needed, but how we talk about getting help and how we support each other are equally important.

A key component of suicide prevention is involving family members and friends. In a three-part podcast series, Marine Corps Major Villiana Jean-Francois and her brother, veteran NFL player Ricky Jean-Francois sat down with Headquarters Marine Corps Suicide Prevention Capability to discuss the challenges they face while being separated from family members because of their respective careers. They also discuss ways they support each other and the people around them. Listen now to hear more about how these siblings have overcome obstacles and how they find support. 


The smallest action can help save a life. One person can begin to create a community of support that can encourage people in risk to get the help they need and deserve.

  • If you are concerned that someone you know is showing warning signs for suicide, be direct.
  • Learn how to ask the hard questions:  Are you thinking about harming yourself?
  • Apply Recognize, Ask, Care, and Escort (R.A.C.E.). 
  • Get them help. The Community Counseling Program is available to support friends and loved ones. 
  • Get to know the resources available on and off installation such as the Military Crisis Line.
  • #BeThere is an all-encompassing message to services members, their families, and our civilian workforce to encourage peer-to-peer support. Use the hashtag in your social media, marketing or outreach. 

Suicide Prevention has many components. It takes all of us to make a difference. For more information about suicide prevention efforts, contact your unit’s Suicide Prevention Program Officer (SPPO).

Listen to the Podcast:

Like what you heard today? Stay tuned, the Marine Corps Suicide Prevention Capability will be releasing more episodes soon.