Respect can be described as a perceived value that we attach to ourselves and to others. To respect others, we must first respect ourselves, and exercise helps us build confidence that increases our sense of self-worth and confidence.

Adults and children alike can benefit from the mood-enhancing effects of fitness. Accomplishing personal fitness goals, such as hitting a personal record, leads to higher levels of self-esteem. When we feel better about ourselves, we tend to be more positive and more respectful of others at work and in our personal lives. The truth of the matter is, the stronger we are, the more we lift each other up.

At some point in life, we all face challenges, such as dealing with new leadership or family problems that impact our self-confidence levels. It’s at this point that our developed sense of respect from physical activity and sports becomes critical. In sports, we learn through team training and become more resilient. We compete against others who are just as strong and capable. These experiences are critical for adults and children to maintain confidence that transcends to the world of peers and leaders.

There is no “one size fits all” activity as different sports and activities teach different life lessons. You should try both team and individual sports, and choose what fits your lifestyle and personality. Whether you’re trying something for the first time, or competing in a sport you’ve been playing for a while, participation will teach you many life lessons.  

Get your child in sports by checking out your local Youth Sports program. Marines and their families are encouraged to learn more about their local sports, whether it’s part of All-Marine Sports, Intramurals, or a Competitive Event/Race Series.