Marines often hear about leadership through the familiar mantra of “Teach, Coach, and Mentor.” In fact, General Neller, Commandant at the time, used those very words in 2016. In a message to the Corps, he stated, “Engaged leadership is what sets Marines apart… this [message] provides a reminder to all leaders of the responsibility they have to teach, coach, and mentor the junior Marines in their charge.”

Semper Fit is here to help Marines boost their coaching skills will the help of our expert coaches.

Here are some things that Semper Fit’s professional strength and conditioning HITT Coaches had to say about what they have learned about leadership and coaching.

Coach Nick Gounaris, HQMC Combat Fitness Specialist

“Coaching is simple. Empower your people to achieve what they believe they can’t. Anything is possible with enough belief. ”

Coach Lynda Rummel, HQMC Combat Fitness Specialist

“Coaching is about building people up and finding positive ways to challenge them to continue to improve throughout life.”

Coach Ray Anderson, MCCS Lejeune-New River 

For me, coaching is about four things: Connect with every Athlete. Afford them effective training sessions. Protect your athletes. Simplify complex movement patterns.”

Coach Allen Sese, MCCS Hampton Roads

“Coaches manage stress, both planned and unplanned, and find a way to dose the appropriate amount to ensure progress. If someone has the will, I will help them find the way.”

Coach Kelsie Meade, MCCS Quantico

“People assume coaching is only about what happens in the weight room but I will argue all day that my people are so much more than the reason they are training with me. This is why their emotional and mental wellbeing are just as important to me as their physical, and as a coach I am always striving to better all of them, not just one piece of them.”

Coach Del Yackle, MCCS Yuma

“Coaching is an investment in your athletes. Success will almost always come down to the amount of time and effort invested with them”

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