Major (Maj) Tom Daggett, the Marine for Life (M4L) Representative for Boise, ID, received a message from a new acquaintance that he met during a local veteran networking event. The message was calling for any local Marine to serve in a funeral detail scheduled for the following day.

In order for the ceremony to be official, they needed a member of the deceased member’s military branch, the Marine Corps, to serve in the ceremony. Without hesitation, Maj Daggett reached out on behalf of the Marine Corps and volunteered to join in on the ceremony. Maj Daggett did not know the deceased, nor was he familiar with his family or loved ones. 

The family of the deceased was grateful for the ceremony and for Maj Daggett’s willingness to participate in such an important ceremony. As an M4L Rep, Maj Daggett was proud to be part of  the experience saying, “I’m certain that if it hadn’t been for the Marine for Life Network, I would not have even known that the ceremony was in need of a Marine participant. Additionally, without the Marine for Life Network, I’m confident that a Marine participant would not have been identified in time.”

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