Getting a job is hard, and securing the job of your dreams is sometimes even harder. This was the case for National Guard Staff Sergeant (SSG) David Verdoorn. After getting out of the Marine Corps in 2015, SSG Verdoorn enlisted in the California National Guard. His dream job was to work as a National Guard Recruiter. Having been on active duty as a Marine Corps Recruiter, he had the qualifications but was rejected after multiple attempts.

In June 2020, SSG Verdoorn asked Marine for Life Network (M4L) Representative Major (Maj) Nick “Scully” Korent for a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) highlighting his exceptional skills and results as a recruiter. The two worked together while SSG Verdoorn was on active duty in the Marine Corps. On August 15, after two years of trying, SSG Verdoorn received orders to work out of the Fullerton Armory as a National Guard Recruiter.

It was important to SSG Verdoorn to be a National Guard Recruiter because “he wants[s] to truly have an impact on today’s youth especially given the pandemic, riots, and the overall culture of today’s society”. Thanks to the help of Maj Korent, SSG Verdoorn can live out his dream job after years of failed attempts.

What can we learn from SSG David Verdoorn’s success?

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