Captain Carlos Rincon, a Reconnaissance Platoon Commander, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion and Joint Intelligence Officer, 3rd Marine Raider Battalion on active duty; and currently an Intelligence Officer with 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, recently graduated from the With You With Me (WYWM) Academy with the necessary certifications for a robust career in cybersecurity.  After completion of the self-paced program, which took approximately 10 weeks, Major Hodges and Major Wood directly assisted Captain Rincon in being hired in his first civilian position since leaving active duty.

M4L Rep Major Wood, currently working as an Information Assurance Manager for a defense contractor, sent Captain Rincon the links and information to study material to facilitate his self-study for the COMPTIA Security+ exam. With Major Wood’s assistance, Captain Rincon passed the exam on the first attempt.  In addition, Major Hodges and Major Wood sent him individual job links with organizations that they had points of contact in.Lastly, Major Hodges and Major Wood spent over three hours discussing and revising Captain Rincon’s resume in a manner that would accentuate his relevant experience for cyber positions.

Through the direct efforts of Major Wood and Major Hodges, Captain Rincon secured a job with Perspecta, a healthcare technology company that elevates provider data to be intelligent and more efficient. Captain Rincon’s new position is a Cyber Incident Manager under a DoD Contractor supporting the Defense Health Agency.

Captain Rincon was greatly appreciative of the assistance the San Antonio M4L team provided him in getting a new position in a field that he excels in and with a company which provides him real growth and salary potential.  Based upon his personal experience, Captain Rincon knows how vital networking is and understands that with the Marine for Life Network, a transitioning Marine or service member plugs into a ready-made network and greatly improves their likelihood of finding a job.  Captain Rincon communicated to Majors Hodges and Wood that going forward he would be a very active part of the local San Antonio M4L network in the future in order to give back to fellow Marines what he received from them.

What can we learn from Captain Rincon’s Success?

  1. Connect to the Marine for Life Network early in your transition. The M4L Network can expand your network with your connections to Marine-friendly employers, career training, and Veteran support resources in your area. The best way to connect with your local M4L Reps is to complete the form located on
  2. Take advantage of Veteran-friendly training and certification programs like With You With Me  and the Institute for Veterans & Military Families.
  3. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Captain Rincon applied for many positions with different employers before securing his current one. Keep your options open in your job search.

Still searching for more in-depth assistance with networking? Contact your installation’s Transition Readiness staff and join the Marine for Life Network by completing the form.  You can also follow the Marine for Life Network on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.