It is more important than ever to practice self-care. It should be a priority for everyone to maintain their physical, emotional, and mental health. Self-care can mean anything from eating well and exercising to focusing on relationships and how we choose to spend our leisure time. It’s intentional, and it’s important. Self-care isn’t a new concept, and often self-care is associated with indulgences, like a pedicure or a glass of wine after a long day. But self-care is about more than treating yourself. Self-care provides important benefits like increased physical health, positive thinking, reduced stress, focus and productivity, and compassion for yourself and others.

How to practice better self-care:
  • Acknowledge things that are hard
  • Scale back, make time for things you love
  • Take good care of your body
  • Take control where you can
Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) offers many workshops that help you improve your self-care. Some of which include:
  • Power of Time: Participants will be equipped with tools to stay organized and manage priorities to make the best of their limited time and support a more productive lifestyle.
  • Attitude and Actions: A modern-day exploration of concepts and philosophies that will help participants maintain a positive focus and engage as leaders in their homes, at work, and within their communities.

Marine Corps families can not only take these workshops to learn self-care techniques, but also meet other families. Make new friends or connect with current friends. I can be just what you need to practice a little self-care. Contact your local MCFTB office for available workshops.