Wouldn’t it be nice to ease the holiday gifting frenzy for friends and family especially for those friends and family serving our country far away? To help take the hassle and risk out of shopping this holiday season, Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) has the solution for you! MCCS is proud to announce the MCCS e-Gift card available at MyMCX.com.

Marines get stuff done – that’s what they do. And that’s why MCCS exists. To help Marines and their families GSD (get stuff done). MCCS is hyper focused on all the things Marines and their families need on base, from energy drinks and snacks near you at all times, to sports programs, uniform needs, surfboard rentals, and even holiday solutions! We’re always upgrading the way we serve you, the digital-native military families, so you can GSD faster, smarter, and focus on mission readiness. That’s why MCCS e-Gift cards are the perfect gift this holiday season. Check out all of the benefits to MCCS e-Gift cards:

  • Shop from the comfort of a mobile device or computer eliminating long check-out lines.
  • Deliver it directly into someone’s email immediately or schedule it for a specific day and time.
  • No shipping costs or wrapping needed – saving time and money.
  • Include a personalized message.
  • Easy and convenient especially for busy, last-minute gift givers.
  • MCCS e-Gift cards can be redeemed at ANY MCCS location worldwide by authorized patrons including Movie Theatres, Bowling Alleys, Auto Skills Centers, Inns of the Corps, and more!
  • MCCS e-Gift cards can be purchased by ANYONE, including non-authorized patrons!
  • You can purchase any denomination you wish up to $1,500.
  • MCCS e-Gift cards do not expire.

MCCS e-Gift cards may be purchased in store, or online at MyMCX.com from a desktop computer OR mobile device. They are delivered instantly via email and may be printed or displayed on a mobile device. You must be an authorized MCCS patron to redeem. Authorized customers may present the card as payment for most purchases of merchandise or services from the Marine Corps Exchange or MCCS sponsored programs.  For more information about the MCCS e-Gift card program check our website at MyMCX.com.