Recovery is the most critical component of an exercise program because the changes that make us faster and stronger happen during recovery. It is the key to mitigating injuries and allows the body to recover from exercise stress. There are various ways to include recovery in an exercise program, including active recovery, total recovery, or implementing periodization into training plans.

  • Active recovery is changing your workout making it easier than it previously was, this can be done multiple ways. Examples of active recovery include easy cardio, yoga, mobility, and foam rolling, and doing less sets and reps and beach muscles.
  • Periodization is training for a specific goal. Part of training is increasing the sets, reps, weight or mileage to reach your goal. Tapering is lowering the sets, reps weight, or mileage during a recovery week to reach a training goal.
  • Total recovery is when you don’t train at all. This method may be needed if you are sick, take medications that inhibit your ability to perform, suffer from sleep deprivation, or based on a doctor’s recommendation.

Recovery from exercise is an important piece of a well-balanced, effective training plan. When recovery is part of your training plan, you will be able to train at higher intensities reducing the risks of overtraining. If you aren’t sure if your program includes proper rest or recovery ratios, you can meet with a Fitness Specialist or Strength and Conditioning Coach at your Semper Fit Fitness Facility for a fitness consult.