When a computer freezes up, be patient, wait a few minutes to see if it gets better on its own. If it stays frozen too long, reboot it, right? When getting stuck in some aspect life, it is tempting to wait a while for things to change on its own.  Instead of waiting, try tackling issues by trying some of these rebooting strategies.


Thoughts affect how people perform, especially during stressful situations. When negative thoughts pop into the brain, reframe them and look at the situation in a different way.


Spiritual fitness is an important part of total health. Identifying values and beliefs while exploring one’s identity provides meaning and purpose in life. Spiritual health increases hope, assists with sound moral decisions, increases connection with others, helps build meaningful relationships and allows for forgiveness of self and others.


Recognize that there are different types of stress. Positive stress can lead to improved performance, growth, learning, and a healthier state of mind. Negative stress can impair  mindset and lead to mental or physical issues. When someone makes it through a stressful situation, it builds confidence and resilience for future encounters. Check out Marine Corps Family Team Building’s Inner Balance course along with other LifeSkills courses. The Family Advocacy Program’s stress management course is great for learning stress management tools, or you can meet with a Community Counseling Program counselor.


Exercise can improve various body systems. Visit a Semper Fit Fitness Center for self-directed physical training, group exercise classes, nutrition education, personal training, and mobile fitness.


Humans are social animals, and we need healthy social connections to thrive. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, connect with family or friends, and engage in a new activity that involves social interaction.


Reflect on your life and ask yourself, are you satisfied with your quality of life? Are you achieving personal goals and making what you value most a priority? Take time to look at your daily tasks and figure out how to prioritize what you value. If you need support, check out the Single Marine Program (SMP) or the Community Counseling Program. Speak with a chaplain, friend, or family member.

For more information on many of these rebooting strategies, visit the Consortium for Health and Military Performance website.