Balancing work and family responsibilities can be challenging. Intentionally making time for family is key to strengthening bonds. Here are some ways to develop family routines that can help build resilience. 

  • Cook and eat together as often as possible. When you cook and share a meal, it improves connectedness, promotes healthier eating habits, and carves out time to engage in conversation.
  • Gather together for a weekly family activity night. Make time each week to share fun activities like playing board games, watching a new flick at an MCCS Theater, or bowling at an MCCS Bowling Center. Shared time strengthens connections and creates lasting memories.
  • Get active together. Take a walk after dinner, hold a spontaneous family dance party, or visit a local park. Take advantage of Semper Fit programs and outdoor recreational activities.
  • Hold regular family meetings. Let all family members know that their perspective matters.
  • Take some time to look through scrapbooks and family photo albums. Looking at scrapbooks and photo albums creates a sense of connection and history with immediate and extended family members.
  • Volunteer together in your community. Volunteer activities connect families to the community in which you live, work, and play. 

Get the family organized and choose an activity to do together. For more ideas on how to come together as a family, visit your local Child and Youth Programs office.