If the next day is being negatively affected by drinking from the night before, or include stories about the amount of alcohol consumed, it might be time to consider some small, simple changes.

Rethink That Drink

Small changes can make a big difference in reshaping drinking routines.

  1. Decide how many days a week drinking is acceptable. How many drinks are allowed on those days.
  2. Set limits before going out and stick to them.
  3. Keep alcohol out of the home.
  4. Learn how to say no to drinks.
  5. Drink slowly and on a full stomach.
  6. When drinking, keep track of the amount drank.
  7. Make every other drink a non-alcoholic one.
  8. Find fun things to do that don’t involve alcohol.
  9. Get support from family and friends. Be open to their feedback.
  10. Agree to be the designated driver.

Once there is a routine established using these healthy strategies, do regular self-checks. It’s easy to slip back into old patterns and behaviors. Instead, get excited about doing something positive.

Prime for Life 4.5 is a half-day substance abuse prevention and education course designed for any Marine wanting to keep their drinking to a healthy level. The Prime for Life 4.5 course is offered by the installation Substance Abuse Counseling Center (SACC).