Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many have gained a renewed appreciation for the ability to have meaningful interactions with family, friends, and neighbors that engenders the feeling of belonging and closeness. That feeling, which can be described as “social connectedness,” has been recognized in academic literature as an important positive factor in health and well-being. The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine states that “… there is significant evidence that social support and feeling connected can help people maintain a healthy body mass index, control blood sugars, improve cancer survival, decrease cardiovascular mortality, decrease depressive symptoms, mitigate posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, and improve overall mental health.”

Within the Marine Corps, Semper Fit and Recreation offers a portfolio of programs that gives Marines the opportunity to forge deeper connections with their fellow Marines, family members, and the local community. Take advantage of the programs and resources available and begin connecting with your fellow Marines and neighbors.

  • Recreational Swimming –Recreational swimming helps Marines achieve health and fitness goals or unwind with family and friends. For families, spending quality time together in the pool or at the beach can help bring members closer together and relieve stress.
  • Recreation Centers – Recreation centers host activities and events that contribute to improved morale among Marines and their family members by providing opportunities for positive familial and community interactions.
  • Outdoor Recreation Equipment Checkout and Rental – The availability of outdoor recreation equipment for rent helps create opportunities for Marines, families, and authorized users to experience the outdoors which can help reduce stress. Patrons can use the equipment for activities that help them develop life skills and inspire increased social cohesiveness.
  • Installation Sports – Installation sports promote physical fitness, competitive spirit, and esprit de corps. Activities allow Marines and other authorized participants of all skill levels to take part in a competitive sport.
  • Single Marine Program – The Single Marine Program (SMP) serves as the voice of single Marines, identifying their concerns and seeking resolutions. The program also offers recreational activities and special events facilitating community involvement.

See what your local Semper Fit office has to offer and find ways to promote social connectedness within your community.