The Single Marine Program (SMP) is designed to create peer-to-peer connections between Marines. An important role SMP Marines play is to welcome and support incoming Marines. They often do this by being a source of information about the installation, forming a bond with them, and communicating with them about upcoming SMP activities.  Peer-to-peer support is interwoven in the fabric of this program. It creates opportunities for Marines to connect with one another, meet new people, engage in their community in a way they never have, and experience new things.  

The program also strives to create a sense of community to the Marines and the surrounding community as well. Because of this unique outlook, volunteering and community involvement is at the heart of SMP.

The benefits to being invovlved in SMP member include:

  1. Building community connections
  2. Connecting and making friends
  3. Making spiritual connections
  4. Creating a sense of purpose and belonging
  5. Developing emotional stability
  6. Improving self esteem
  7. Becoming better citizens
  8. Improving community relations

If you want more information on how you can get involved in the Single Marine Program, contact your local SMP Coordinator.