Everyone knows what physical fitness is and various ways to maintain fitness levels. But what about spiritual fitness? A well-developed warrior athlete also aspires to improve their level of spiritual fitness. A well-developed foundation of spiritual fitness allows Marines to reach their highest potential due to spiritual practice and behaviors.

So, what exactly is spiritual fitness? 

Often spiritual fitness is perceived as a religious belief. At the same time, that can be true for some people, and it can also be much more than religion. For the military spiritual fitness is about interacting with the world based on personal beliefs and learned skills that promote sound of mind and body. The power of the mind influences the power of the body. Focus, awareness, clarity of thought, and being present in the moment are critical skills for any successful Marine. 


What type of training improves spiritual fitness levels? 

Mindful Meditation: mindful meditation practice may require the support of a coach or mentor. Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Health Educators can provide practical skills to meditate. Mindfulness meditation aims to slow down heart rate, control thoughts, and let go of negativity. The Human Performance Resources Center offers detailed meditation tools useful in the military environment. For practical application where a coach may not be a resource, use the following link for spiritual development: A mindfulness meditation primer | HPRC (hprc-online.org). Mindful meditation is a great starting point. There are other services such as recreation, art, and journaling. Additional spiritual guidance with a chaplain or behavioral health specialist can also assist. 


What is the outcome of including spiritual fitness? 

Achieving a high level of spiritual fitness means that life tends to flow. Those we perceive as a struggle become less of a struggle and more of a challenge that inspires personal growth.


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