The stress and challenges caused by a PCS move can be reduced by taking advantage of the Marine Corps Sponsorship Program detailed in MCO 1320.11G.

While you may not have heard of a sponsor if you’re traveling CONUS during a PCS, a sponsor is beneficial to you at any installation. Sponsors are trained service members who help newcomers settle into a new duty station. So, what can a sponsor do for you?

Marine Corps Sponsors are there to:

  • Be a friendly resource for information about your new duty station before arrival
  • Provide you with information about housing options
  • Give you information about schools if you have children
  • Be the first friendly face you see
  • Introduce you to key people in your unit
  • Familiarize you with the installation program offices

In an effort to match you with the best sponsor, units try to match marital status - single sponsors with single service members; married sponsors with married service members.

Your sponsor has ‘been there, done that,’ so they are a great resource to get in the know before you even arrive. Be sure to reach out now and request a sponsor for your upcoming PCS move. Contact your Unit Sponsorship Coordinator, or the installation Information, Referral and Relocation office to request a sponsorship request form.