Marine Corps Families are an integral part of our Corps. Our spouses and children play a vital role in mission success by serving alongside their Marine. We salute the resiliency, independence, and support, members of the Marine Corps community provide. The health and readiness of our all-volunteer force depend on the health of the family, and we recognize the strength of our Marines comes from the strength of their Families. We are committed to providing Marines and Families a Quality of Life commensurate with your service by providing a supportive environment where you can thrive. Our Marine Corps must support our families. 

We appreciate the ability of Marine Corps Families to adapt to whatever situation life throws at them and their ability to uphold the Corps values, even as the needs of our Marines and the Corps change. Quality of life is not just for the Marine, but for the Family.  A huge part of the success of our military community comes from our youngest members, Marine children. 

As we celebrate the Month of the Military Child we recognize the important role our children play in our community. Our children display courage, commitment, and patriotism and deserve applause for their daily sacrifices and their ability to overcome the challenges that come with being a military child.  We know that with each new duty station comes a new set of challenges for our children, especially adapting to a new school.  On average, military families are likely to move six-to-nine times during their children's school years.  The Marine and Family School Liaison Program offers parents a local expert with first hand knowledge of the education system in their area.

As our families continue to support our Marines, Marine and Family Programs is here to support you.