The Marine Corps is committed to preventing suicide among Marines, their Families and the civilian workforce.

Though suicide prevention is a priority throughout the year, in September—National Suicide Prevention Month—the Corps highlights efforts to promote awareness to the complex issue of suicide and emphasizes the resources and supports.

The Suicide Prevention Month theme of “Connectedness” highlights the important role that connections to family, friends, the community, and resources can play in preventing suicide.

September will kick off a yearlong campaign and use the slogan “Connect to Protect” to support the overall theme.

The slogan emphasizes connecting with others and the community, as well as with suicide prevention resources. Use the Hashtag # BeThere when supporting prevention efforts on social media.

How can you Connect to Protect?

Connect with self. It is important to focus on your own good health and wellness.

• Participate in spiritual or community activities and groups.

• Volunteer for causes or organizations that you care about.

• Spend time with friends and family members—whether in person or virtually depending on what is best.

• Seek support from peers, family or health professionals.

• Reach out to others.

Connect with others. Show your support and #BeThere for your community by strengthening connections:

• Check in with friends and family. Let them know you care.

• Plan activities you can enjoy together.

• Listen when they want to talk.

• Accept what others have experienced without judgement.

• Resist the temptation to problem solve.

• Reassure them.

• Express care and concern.

• Encourage them to get help and stay in touch with friends and family.

• Know your military and community resources.

Take steps year-round to “Connect to Protect” with Marines and Families. Join your units or Installations by participating in suicide prevention activities and programs. Contact your unit’s Suicide Prevention Program Officer for additional information and resources.

If you are concerned someone is in crisis and you think it’s an emergency, don’t delay in responding. Call the duty (if the Marine lives in the barracks) or report the post immediately to your chain of command.

If you believe the person is suicidal, call 911. If the situation is concerning but not an emergency, give the person options to talk to someone on the phone, online, or in person:

Military Crisis Line: 800-273-8255 and Press 1

Military One Source: 800-342-9647

Community Counseling Center

• Chaplain