We all know a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move can make us feel a little uneasy. From stories about broken belongings and misplaced boxes to lost household goods, many dread the day the moving truck pulls onto their street. For those moving OCONUS, living without items that make a house feel like “home” for weeks or even months at a time, can seem a little overwhelming. This is where the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) lending library can help.

The EFMP lending library has many great items that can be loaned to supplement your household during the transition. The library includes books, sensory items, and assistive devices for EFMP families.

The lending library isn’t just a PCS resource. The lending library offers many resources for new and existing EFMP families. EFMP families can receive research articles, books, adaptive equipment, and more for those interested in loaning or testing items your EFMP family member may need prior to purchase.

Visit your local EFMP office to see if you qualify for lending library items as well as the available inventory.