Volunteers play a major role in the daily life of the Marine Corps community, and volunteering is great for the mind, body, and soul. Helping others increases your levels of happiness and appreciation. While many of the traditional ways to give back, such as serving at a local soup kitchen or working at a food bank, may not be possible this year, there are still ways to give your time and talent. It just requires a little creativity.

What Can You Offer Someone Else?

Do you have a trade or other skillset that can help someone? Think outside the box. Can you do home repair for someone in your community who may not be able to afford those services right now? You can also help an organization with those types of skills and trades. Skills like graphic design or web design may also be helpful for an organization that has had a reduction in funding due to the pandemic but still need these services.

What Do You Love?

Is there a cause or organization that you support? Consider what you can offer to one of those organizations, and reach out and let them know how you can help them. Let them know that you’re offering to do the service for free. This type of volunteer service can also help build your skills and add varied experience to your resume too.

Do Some Research

If you’re not sure how you can help, do some research online and check the social media pages of organizations you support. Often times there are listings on websites for volunteer opportunities or other needs that you may be able to fill remotely.

Be Flexible

Flexibility in your time and your service is critical. When necessary, or requested, adhere to Center for Disease Control guidance or other safety procedures.

Get Creative

If you know of a neighbor in need, consider food delivery services that do zero-contact delivery and have a meal or groceries delivered. Be willing to look for creative solutions to new, or old, problems in your community.

Find out how you can help in your local Marine Corps Community, and beyond, by reaching out to your local Single Marine Program or the Volunteer Program.

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