Resilience. A term used to refer to the capacity one has to recover quickly from difficulties. But what is it called when the “one” becomes “many”? Collective resilience is understood as the links that hold people together; social bonds that facilitate recovery and coping mechanisms by providing support to those with similar experiences.

As a leader, Marine, family member, or peer, we all face obstacles that require adaptation and may cause us to shift from our norms. What can we do as a community to be collectively resilient?

Here are a few ways to succeed as a team:

  1. Get connected. Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) offers many programs and resources for Marines and families. Engaging with resources in your local area will foster connections with people who are experiencing similar life events and help create networks of support. Welcome Aboard and Newcomer briefs are a great opportunities to learn about all your installation has to offer.
  2. Encourage learning and growth. Personal resilience fosters collective resilience. Storytelling is powerful and nurtures an environment of shared understanding. Join a coffee hour with the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) coffee hour or playgroup to connect with others and learn about different strategies to navigate and cope with challenges. Participate in your Child and Youth Program Parent Board or check out School Liaison resources for connecting with other youth in your area. 
  3. Celebrate the wins. Working through adversity takes conscious effort. Boosting your morale by celebrating progress, big or small, can be a valuable reminder to keep going.


Building collective resilience takes everyone getting involved in their community. Take a look at the many MCCS services available and get involved.