Fishing provides physical, mental and societal benefits by connecting the participant to the outdoors which correlates with increased physical activity, general well-being, and the ability to focus.



  • MCCS may provide seasonal or year-round fishing activities based on customer interests and leisure pursuits.
  • Events such as the “Take me Fishing Day”, in the month of June, may be available at various installations.
  • Open house activities on National Hunting and Fishing Day, the fourth Saturday in September, is a way to recognize Americans who contribute to the conservation of our natural resources, acquaint the public with the military’s programs, and promote resource conservation.

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Fishing is mainly a seasonal program marketed through Marine Corps Installations websites which announce season openings, hours of operation, permit sales and areas where fishing is permitted.

Outdoor Recreation Equipment Checkout Centers may have equipment available for rent and are located on Marine Corps Installations.

For information on instructional programs in your area, please visit your local Marine Corps installation’s website.


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