Now that the reunion logo is designed it’s time to decide what to order.  Remember, if using trademarked materials contact TMLO.


More expensive, but critical advertisers.  Encourage Marines to sport T-Shirt in certain events and share on Facebook.  Especially important to have these available for ancillary memorial events leading up to the reunion.  Helps to remind Marines about the upcoming event. Size ordering is expensive and difficult to manage.  Sizes may need to err on the larger side.


Lower cost of production, and shipping, patches are important early products.  Marines should be encouraged to share delivery of their purchased patches on Facebook and Twitter.  Patches can also be used in the Distinguished Visitor communication plan as a “follow up” method (“Gen Puller, hope you are still available to attend our reunion. Here’s a patch as a simple reminder”)


Coins enjoy fairly broad popularity, but are more expensive to initially produce.  Great to provide certain donors, leverage Battalion leadership  to help present if needed.

Other Swag Items

You are not limited to “standard” swag items. Consider your audience and budget as you choose your swag and develop your swag strategy. Other swag items might include:

  • Pens
  • Matchbooks
  • Magnets
  • Custom silkies