An Easy Piece of the Connection Puzzle: Volunteering

Volunteering can be the first step to an amazing connection to the community and the people that surround you. Each installation has a Volunteer Coordinator that is aware of opportunities on and off the installation.

A Successful EAS is EASy

If it’s time for you to get out of the Marine Corps, it’s time to think about your next step. MCCS has the programs and professional staff to help guide you through the process to set yourself up for a great career.

Building Your Network as a Marine Spouse

As a Marine spouse looking for employment, start with the network you already have, continue to cultivate it, and grow your professional network. The Family Readiness Team has put together some resources to help you on your employment journey.

Should I Tell an Interviewer I'm a Military Spouse?

When it comes to being a Marine spouse, moving every few years is just one of many obstacles you face. Finding a new job each time you relocate is another challenge.

Four Persistent Myths about Substance Abuse Recovery

Substance abuse recovery is often complicated by myths. Many of these myths, though they may seem real, have been proved wrong. The Substance Abuse Program has laid out some of the myths about substance abuse recovery.

Transition Like a Pro: 10 Tips to Ace an Interview

Do you know what to do when asked to interview during your transition process? Follow these tips to put your best foot forward during your next job interview.

SMP is Peer to Peer Support

The Single Marine Program (SMP) is designed to create peer-to-peer connections between Marines.

Sponsorship is Peer-to-Peer Support During PCS Season

While you may not have heard of a sponsor if you’re traveling CONUS during a PCS, a sponsor is beneficial to you no matter what installation you’re moving to. So, what will a Sponsor do for you?

M4L Network Success Story: M4L Rep assisted one of his former Marines in getting a California National Guard Recruiter Billet

Getting a job is hard, and securing the job of your dreams is sometimes even harder. This was the case for National Guard Staff Sergeant (SSG) David Verdoorn before contacting the Marine for Life Network.

7 Tips for Effective Face-to-Face Networking

Networking is a vital part of finding new employment opportunities as a transitioning Marine or spouse.Our tips will help you put your best foot forward at your next networking event.

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