Do you dread filling out transition paperwork and chasing down signatures? Well, all that will change on 7 November 2016 when the Department of Defense/Transition Assistance Program (DoDTAP) rolls out its new eForm.

The eForm is a 2 page PDF printable document combining forms DD 2648/-1 and DD 2958 that will be updated throughout your Marine for Life Cycle. You can access and update the form at any time via your personalized Self-Service DoDTAP dashboard. There’s no need to keep track of paperwork or collect wet signatures. Transition Readiness staff, Commanders (or designees), and Marines can all sign the form electronically. Marines and Commanders (or designees) will also receive email notifications when action is required, enabling Marines to stay on top of their transition requirements.

The eForm will follow you throughout the stages of your transition journey.

Beginning at the Personal Readiness Seminar (PRS), the Marine will initiate the eForm. The creation of the eForm indicates that the Marine has met requirements for the eBenefits and the personal assessment Careers Readiness Standards (CRS), both of which are completed by the end of PRS.

During Pre-separation Counseling, the Marine initiates or updates the eForm with completed CRS attainment for eBenefits and the personal assessment, and signs the form.  Next, the Marine and the Unit Transition Coordinator (UTC) confirm completion of this phase in preparation for attending the Transition Readiness Seminar. Once reviewed and signed by a Transition Readiness staff member, the form will automatically be updated to reflect - Capstone Review.

While at Capstone Review, the Transition Readiness staff member meets with the Marine to review and update CRS attainment. The Marine and a Transition Readiness staff member will confirm completion of this phase via electronic signatures from each. Upon completion, the Transition Readiness staff member will send an email token to the Marine’s Commander (or designee) notifying them that the eForm is ready for the Commander’s Verification. The form will automatically be updated to reflect– Commander’s Verification.

During Commander’s Verification, the Marine will meet with the Commander (or designee) no later than 90 days prior to separation or retirement. The Commander (or designee) will use the token access the eForm and verify that the Marine has attained VOW Compliance and CRS and is prepared to transition successfully. If required, a warm handover to supporting agencies will be executed during this time.

Upon completion of the Commander’s signature, the Marine will be able to access the PDF of the completed eForm via the DoDTAP Dashboard. The Marine will print the form when they’re ready to check out with the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC).

Stay tuned for more information on the eForm including a MARADMIN, revised Pre-Separation Webinar, UTC Training, and Commander Training. The links in this article will be located on Marine Online (MOL) through the “Few Good Links” resources.

For more information on transition services available to you, visit Transition Readiness.