Did you know one of the most frequently asked questions in regards to the Welcome Aboard is about who can attend?  Here’s the scoop, Title 10 mandates that the relocation program provide this service.  Attending the Welcome Aboard is mandatory for Marines, but did you know spouses are highly encouraged to attend too?

Every installation has an Information, Referral and Relocation Specialist who holds regular Welcome Aboard workshops.  Each duty station is unique, and while many of the same services are offered there are still many differences!  Attending the Welcome Aboard brief allows you the chance to gather information on services and programs that can help you whether you are a Marine or Spouse or whether you are single or married.

We interviewed a spouse to find out what benefit she found in attending:

What value did you see in it for you?

“The value of the Welcome Aboard for me came in two ways; first I got to meet resources first hand, and secondly I got to meet other spouses and share tips and tricks that I had learned over my time in the Marine Corps.”

Why would you encourage other spouses to attend?

“I know there are a ton of online spouse groups with answers to questions, but often you get conflicting information and aren’t always sure who is correct. By attending the welcome aboard brief you can get information and knowledge straight from the sources.  Learn what your installation has to offer and take advantage of all the resources the Marine Corps has for Marines and families.”

Still searching for more in-depth assistance with this?  Contact your installation’s Information, Referral, and Relocation specialist.

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