The Leadership Scholar Program (LSP) helps exceptional Marines who want to pursue their education at highly selective schools after they transition out of the Marine Corps. The LSP can help Marines go to colleges of their dreams, just as it did for Corporal (Cpl) Gage Behnkendorf.

When Cpl Behnkendorf was in high school, he was accepted to New York University (NYU) but was unable to attend due to the high cost of tuition. Instead, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. He served as a horn instrumentalist in the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band. Throughout his service Cpl Behnkendorf honed his skills as a Marine musician, supporting a future career in music.

After four years of service, he earned his GI Bill and is now making his dream a reality studying music composition with an emphasis on film scoring at New York University. The university has a highly selective program that only takes about 20 students per year.

Cpl Behnkendorf recalls his time in the Marine Corps and the life-changing opportunities presented to him throughout his Active Duty service.  

Use your time and resources wisely:

“I finished most of my general education credits during high school through dual-enrollment and then filled in the gaps while in the Marine Corps with tuition assistance. Thanks to TA, I will be able to finish NYU in three years and still have a year left on my GI Bill when I finish my degree.”

Look for opportunities:

“I competed in the 2020 Berlin International Film Scoring Competition, and my original music for a short film by Dolby was selected as one of the top ten best original scores of 2020. I was the only American selected as one of the top ten finalists that year.”

Are you looking for more in-depth assistance with Leadership Scholar Program or Tuition Assistance services? Contact your installation’s Voluntary Education staff.