Master Sergeant (MSgt) Marc Arrington led a prestigious 17-year career in the Marine Corps, including multiple tours as a Marine Raider at Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC). Unfortunately, he was forced to retire early due to medical reasons, so his transition to civilian life began earlier than he expected.

MSgt Arrington knew that networking was the key to his transition and future success, so he reached out to the Marine for Life (M4L) Network. M4L Representative, Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) Luke Focer dove into MSgt Arrington’s aspirations for future professional opportunities. Knowing that MSgt Arrington wanted to settle down in Wilmington, GySgt Focer recommended broadening his network at the Veteran Business Collective (VBC) monthly meetings, where established and influential local business leaders connect.

Like the M4L Network, the VBC was founded by former Marine Chayse Roth with a mission to leverage the business community to create a sense of purpose, belonging, and economic success for veterans.

MSgt Arrington attended the meeting and engaged the group with confidence. Among many others, he met a local Mortgage Advisor and VBC leader who provided career advice and additional networking opportunities. Fast forward a few short months. He is now a Mortgage Loan Officer at Alpha Mortgage Corporation, a locally owned and Marine-operated mortgage banking firm headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina.

What can we learn from Marc Arrington’s Success?

  1. Connect to the Marine for Life Network early in your transition. The M4L Network can expand your network with your connections to Marine-friendly employers, career training, and Veteran support resources in your area. The best way to connect with your local M4L Reps is to complete the form located on
  2. Sharpen your networking skills. Up to 70 percent of jobs are obtained through networking.

Still want help with your post-Marine Corps networking skills? Contact your installation’s Transition Readiness staff and join the Marine for Life Network by completing the form. You can also follow the Marine for Life Network on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.