Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) Bianca Arruda led a successful 15-year career in the Marine Corps, including multiple tours as a recruiter. GySgt Arruda is currently relocating to Tampa, FL, after her retirement along with her husband, daughter, and their dog. GySgt Arruda took the early retirement option, and the transition to civilian life began a bit earlier than originally expected.

GySgt Arruda was connected to the Marine for Life network which was a helpful resource in supporting her family’s cross-country relocation.  GySgt Arruda felt the extended network was the key to her transition and future success, so she reached out to the Marine for Life (M4L) Network. M4L Representative, Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) Jerry Partney talked with GySgt Arruda and found out what specific areas of interest she had and where her current skills would be a good fit. GySgt Arruda’s aspirations for future professional opportunities led her to get connected with Mike Poggi from Lukos and fast forward a few months she will be starting a six-month SkillBridge internship at Lukos. 

Knowing that GySgt Arruda wanted to settle down in Tampa with her family, GySgt Partney recommended broadening her network by setting up informational interviews with various government contracting firms in the Tampa Bay region. 

Lukos was founded by a former Air Force Special Operator and is a proven national security partner delivering high quality people and mature processes through principled leadership.

Still searching for more in-depth assistance with networking or transition assistance? Contact your installation’s Transition Readiness staff and join the Marine for Life Network by completing the form. You can also follow the Marine for Life Network on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.